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CADISA Inc., is proud of its reputation as one of South Florida's most trusted condominium HOA property management services provider. Our services have been given a top rating for responsiveness and high quality service standards by our own clients.

At CADISA we understand that each condominium association is unique and we will create a customized property management program utilizing our experienced team of associates to suit your property needs. Our property management teams include licensed community association managers, assistant managers, experienced accounting staff, office management, administrative assistants and quality maintenance personnel.

CADISA has also developed sophisticated alliances and networks of partners to assist and better service its clients. This network of professionals includes but is not limited to professional CPA's, Licensed and professional Engineers, Electrical and Mechanical Contractors, Attorneys and more...

Below are many of the Condominium HOA Property Management services that we can customize for your property:

Accounting Services

Property Management Services

Community Maintenance

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